Apple iPhone 4S TV Ad – Date Night – words

[Samuel L Jackson] Cancel golf today.

[Siri] It’s off your calendar.

[Samuel L Jackson] Good! ‘Cause it’s date night. Find near stores there is an organic mushrooms for my risotto.

[Siri] This organic market looks pretty close to you.

[Samuel L Jackson] How many answers on a cup?

[Siri] This might anser your question.

[Samuel L Jackson] Well…I knew that. And remind me an hour put gazpacho on ice.

[Siri] Here’s your reminder. Shall I create it?

[Samuel L Jackson] Yeah! And let see you like hot-zpacho?


[Samuel L Jackson] Siri!

[Siri] Sam!

[Samuel L Jackson] You can take the night owl?

[Siri] If you say so.