Apple Mac TV Ad – Mayday – words

[Captain] This is your captain. Is there an apple genius on board?

[Genius] I’m a genius!

[Flight attendant] 3-B fotgot his anniversary. He wants to make his wife iMovie. But we land in 27minutes.

[3-B passenger] Look at all this footage!

[Genius] It’s gonna be OK.

[3-B passenger] Move this here,

[Genius] Uh uh.

[3-B passenger] So I just drag in our wedding song?

[Genius] Yeah! From iTunes.

[3-B passenger] What if I wanted to add…

[Announce] Please turn off all electronic devices.

[3-B passenger] We’re not gonna make it!

[Genius] We’re gonna make it! Add the CP effect! It’s very romantic.

[3-B passenger] And done! Awesome!

[Flight attendant] We have 2minutes. 21-F is working on a Keynote.

[Genius] Let’s go!

[3-B passenger] Let’s do this.